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EITESAL, is a civil association established in 1997 to serve the ICT sector in Egypt in line with the Egyptian government’s strategy. Currently, we are serving 500+ members operating in different fields of ICT.

EiTESAL Business Nurturing Initiative (EBNI) is an incubation project initiated by Eitesal and other institutions, our main task is to boost startups in the field of ICTE, by giving them end to end support & Global footprint to start their ventures from scratch & take them into scale up. EBNI is the first incubation specialized in hardware based on IoT (Internet of Things) in the Middle East and started in with the vision to become the regional & world class IoT business incubator.


What do others say about EBNI

Ahmed Khalid CEO - Conative labs

Ebni incubator was one of the most important milestones we had in our journey in conative-labs. We have learnt a lot, we are graduated with a lot of friends of other entrepreneurs, mentors and the most important thing our prototype was functional and got our first customer. If you are a hardware startup, Ebni definitely is your place to start.

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