Mentor-Seimens Automotive Diploma is one of the core services of the 3 CoEs that aims to:
  • Increase awareness and grab attention of young students to learn more about the designated industries.
  • Technical capacity building for young entrepreneurs with electronics and embedded ideas.
  • Qualifying fresh graduate for labour market. As every level qualifies young engineers to a different stage of knowledge and tasks.
  • Provides short certifications and outcome in only one-month period. Accumulatively, can sum up to 4~5 months which represent a full diploma.
  • Tailored to different industrial needs through specialty focused structure after couple of introductory and advanced levels.
Learning methodology

Training program was designed with a blended online and offline classroom, where the project’s webpage will include a module for virtual classrooms the students can listen for learning modules, communicate with tutors and upload their assignments. The Centers of excellence also will be ready with classrooms for offline sessions and labs utilization.

Covered Topics in the Diploma
  • Automotive market and brief on OEMs, Tier1 and Tier2
  • Coding guidelines and restrictions
  • AUTOSAR module development
  • Introduction to microcontrollers and it’s components.
  • Automotive communication protocols CAN, LIN,and Ethernet and AUROSAR CAN.
  • AUTOSAR software layers and multicore systems.
  • ISO26262 Safety standards.
  • Next Vehicle technologies and IOT.
Selection criteria
  • Undergraduate or graduate from any (Computer /communications / mechatronics) engineering faculty or computer science.
  • Good command of C/C++ and Java 3.
  • Resident in Egypt.
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