Ideation camp


EiTESAL is cooperating with Mentor-semines and Brightskies in a European-funded project “Egyptian Electronics and embedded centers of excellence” to provide the 1st Automotive ideation camp in Alexandria, Mansoura, and Assuit in 2022.

The ideation camp will be an excellent opportunity to boost youth entrepreneurial skills in Electronics and embedded generally and the automotive industry particularly through a hands-on experience with experts’ support.

The Ideation Camp will be a 72-hour practical workshop, which allows participants to experience what it takes to be an entrepreneur by working on their business ideas. A pre-existing idea is NOT needed to participate. These camps will be open for all entrepreneurs, technical students, and embedded and electronics engineers.

The project aims to organize (6) ideation camps in the three innovation centers of excellence. Two ideation camps will be held in each location targeting up to 50 participants per each.


How does it work?

The concept of the Ideation Camp allows participants to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and acquire vocational skills highly valued in the job market. Having mentors from the startup ecosystem participating, gives participants access to a community favorable to networking and opening up career opportunities.


  1. During an ideation camp, participants are first presented with a problem that needs to be solved. This occurs via presentations and introductory talks with management (and invitees/guest speakers).
  2. With the problem being well-defined, participants are then divided into smaller groups/teams with each being assisted by experienced mentors from EiTESAL NGO, Seimens and Brightskies and other experts from entrepreneurship ecosystem. Camp facilitators will be responsible for answering questions, monitoring teams’ progress and make suggestions and supports participants in every possible way.
  3. Camp organizers will guide the entire event by monitoring the agenda and making sure every group makes progress to make sure that results are generated within the scheduled time. So that, an ideation camp creates a cooperative atmosphere in which ideas can be generated and built upon in order to solve an important business problem.
  4. During three days workshop, teams will be cooperatively working to develop ideas and certain technological solutions to address real business needs in the automotive field.
  5. Ideas are to be presented and filtered by a judging committee. Moreover, the winning teams have the opportunity to be incubated in Project’s incubation program to design, test and develop the prototypes. 

Why participate?

  • Great experience to collaborate and interact with other entrepreneurs to develop their innovative business ideas.
  • Full technical and business mentorship by industry-leading professionals and entrepreneurship experts.
  • These camps offer winners a unique opportunity to have their ideas incubated in the incubation program with seed funding up to 10,000 Euros.
  • Entrepreneurs’ personal growth, higher employability, and learning new skills. 
  • Access to electronics fab labs.

Target Audience

  • EEECoE Ideation Camps are targeting innovators and potential entrepreneurs either students or graduates.
  • We’re planning to organize 6 ideation camps in the 3 innovation hubs (2 camps per each Center of excellence).
  • each Camp targeting 30-50 participants.

Selection Criteria

  • Students or graduates of ICT-related specialties, preferably electronics and embedded engineers.
  • Outstanding knowledge/familiarity with automotive industry’s technologies. 
  • Express interest to be a technology entrepreneur.
  • Strong problem-solving skills with an analytical mind. 
  • leadership skills and able to work as a team member.

Date, time, location
The ideation camps will be organized in the centers of excellence in Mansoura, Assuit and Alexandria during February and March 2023.

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