Smart Homes

EBNI has been honored to incubate 13 promising startups in different fields and phases using IOT concepts, but this is just the beginning.
Are you ready to be a part of our success story? ….

Smart Homes


Creetova is an Egyptian startup that provides technological smart lighting solutions. In 2016 We began to design a new smart bulb called Candla. With a vision to provide people with a healthier and more comfortable lighting system. So we worked on solutions that can help you feel, work, perform and live better. In a world full of dynamic changes and fast-growing technologies, Candla helps you feel better.


Indots is offering security and safety solutions for the householders to monitor and control their homes remotely through the internet through a system which is easy to use and easy to install (Plug and Play), offering reasonable prices for home owners. The system consists of: - Central Unit (Can be used as an internet access point) - Variety of nodes for different functions (Door and window intrusion, motion detectors for specific areas, smoke and gas detectors, smart plugs and air conditioner control) - Mobile application to monitor and control the nodes.
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