EBNI has been honored to incubate 13 promising startups in different fields and phases using IOT concepts, but this is just the beginning.
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VoxEra is a custom-made hardware device that is used to keep travelers using their SIM Cards for making calls and sending SMSs while being abroad, with zero roaming fees and the mostly premium quality. It allows them to stay connected to their families, friends and running their Business as if they are still in their home countries.


GXOS is an operating system designed for the particular requirements of Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. These requirements comprise a low memory footprint, high energy efficiency, real-time capabilities, a modular and configurable communication stack, and support for a wide range of low-power devices. GXOS provides a microkernel, utilities like cryptographic libraries, data structures (bloom filters, hash tables, priority queues), or a shell, different network stacks, and support for various microcontrollers, radio drivers, sensors, and configurations for entire platforms, e.g. TelosB or STM32 Discovery Boards.


Current solutions for IOT applications require lots of expertise in different unrelated fields (embedded systems, networking, mobile app development, web development, database administration, cyber security… etc.) which implies the current problems to any IOT app: complexity, cost, connectivity and security. Tamra IOT kit helps engineers and makers create IOT solutions without carrying all the extra weight.
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