Water Energy & Food

EBNI has been honored to incubate 13 promising startups in different fields and phases using IOT concepts, but this is just the beginning.
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Water Energy & Food


Conative Labs has their first product "NileBot" that is considered to be a water quality monitoring and alarming system for aquaculture based on Internet of Things. Nilebot consists of 4 sensors (Dissolved Oxygen- pH- Conductivity- Temperature) and control unit which gathers all the data to be sent to a web-app where the fish farmer can follow water behavior in fish ponds.


Qabess is a smart plug which is used to save standby power & automate homes in an easy, affordable way. Utilizing self learning Qabess eleminates the need for scheduling.


Cantina is a sharing economy food delivery App providing busy professionals junk-free food with convenient on time delivery service, exceptional food quality and affordable packages. Cantina provides food made by talented certified chefs working from home through partnership with Cantina for 20% order commission.
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