Main Objective

Supporting the inclusive economic development
potential of Egypt and its private sector, through
systematic support of YOUNG and MARGINALIZED people.

Specific Objective

Fostering the economic development of
Egyptian and its electronics and embedded
systems industries through the establishment
of specialized centers of excellences in remote
Egyptian areas [Upper Egypt, Delta and Borg
Al-Arab] to increase the reach of eco-systems’
services to all Egyptian regions to fight poverty
and unemployment.

Project Services


Incubation full services including trainings, consultations and seed fund 10 K euros

R&D Support

Support R&D activities for SMEs with 50 K euros and research centers

Capacity Building

4 levels diploma to qualify young students for marketplace through mentor academy


Prepare and provide free access to electronics and embedded labs

Project Targets




R&D Projects

1000 +

Diploma Students



eLearning Portal

Ideation Camps

Our Statistics

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Our Testimonials

Mentor Academy

Level 1

The Mentor Academy is a world-class and freely available online mentor training course. It was spearheaded by the Vygo team with guidance from a global Academic Council.

The Vygo team believes that every learner deserves the opportunity to be mentored and to mentor someone else. Amazing mentoring relationships start with amazing mentor training. The Mentor Academy was created to allow learners to upskill themselves and allow all education institutions to launch impactful mentoring programs.

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Media Center

EiTESAL & Techne Partnership

Techne Summit Cairo.

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Hardware Life Cycle From Validation To Manufacturing

Hardware Life Cycle

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Egyptian Electronics and Embedded Centers of Excellence "EEECoE"

launching 3 centers of Excellence of the EEECoE projects.

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EEECoE Ideation Camp Alexandria (Funded By EU)

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